Six Sigma on a Budget

Updated: Jul 28, 2018

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Six Sigma on a Budget: Achieving More with Less Using the Principles of Six Sigma

by Warren Brussee

Organizations need to improve quality, solve problems, and increase efficiencies on the fly -- and Six Sigma has proven its worth to large and small companies around the world in all these areas. Six Sigma on a Budget explains how you can use the principles of Six Sigma to see immediate results -- all without expensive consultants or disruptive classes.

Features of Six Sigma on a Budget:

  • Written in plan English, it delivers benefits to anyone who's learned high school math and Microsoft Excel

  • Can be implemented by managers or individuals without additional staff -- in virtually any type of business

  • Teaches all Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma skills to give you knowledge equivalent to a traditionally trained Six Sigma green belt

  • Includes case studies, formulas, glossary, quick tips, and other at-a-glance aids

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