Thirty-two well wishes you might make

January 1, 2018


Without respect to order,


may you have more friends than enemies upon the earth;


may your spouse be a visionary with clear intentions;


may a blessing be upon your parents that with each new day they find a new reason to smile;


may you find the diligence needed to keep your word;


may your siblings-in-law be flooded with good cheer;


may your family hear from you more often;


may you be used by God;


may you become disciplined in plan and action that you may serve your people well;


may you think and move in ways that please your good spirit;


may your creators feel the love of their people;


may you become more acquainted with yourself;


may you do honorable business with your people;


may you rejoice and find gladness in your days;


may your activities make your parents proud;


may the babies be well-loved, well cared for, and well-instructed;


may you be moved out of your own way;


may your spouse be of physical comfort and good health;


may your pets be blessed;


may you have something to show for your work;


may the fruits of your labor soon come;


may your mind be made to elevate your partner;


may you yearn to use your energy for good;


may you build women to the highest esteem;


may your brothers thrive in the goodness they pursue;


may God come to you in stillness;


may your friends be reminded that you love them;


may the work of your days bear fruit for generations;


may your parents find their health improved;


may you recognize more people to wish well;


may preparedness be one among your strengths;


may you be thankful for the rain that soothes;


may your body be released of tensions;


so, let it be.

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