Strengthen your choices, tools, people, and mind

December 18, 2017


You see your vision, but you can only get there one little step at a time. The little steps, taken daily, get you home. So, no matter what challenges, weaknesses, hurdles, or circumstances that are particular to you, you’ll have to find ways to push forward in spite of them all.


You will have to stand up right where you are and survey the situation. You can see everything in your way and all the struggles you think are on the way. Then, you look forward and take a step anyway; right there where you are with what you have. You stand where you are and start where you stand. It is the only way. And when you start, you mustn't stop. Order and keep your steps. You must keep your map and hold fast to your mission. You must maintain keen attention to intention and your values. You must stay the course.


While on the course:


Explore, and accordingly feed, or starve, the things that you think about. Indeed, your thoughts are the source of all the harm and all the good you will bring into this world. You must treat them carefully. You haven’t imagined how much value you can create and bring to your family, your lady, and yourself by just taking time to map out the things you think about.


Learn to focus on the thoughts, actions, and people that bring honor to the kingdom you seek to bring forth. Then, train. Strengthen the thoughts, actions, and people with a commitment to daily practice. In other words, work on your empire every single day. Be unceasing in this practice.


Strengthen your choices, tools, people, and mind. This will keep you in a position to serve well and serve abundantly. And, your legacy will be remembered for the truths written on your heart as well as what you accomplish.



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