Be intuitive and intentional with work

November 6, 2017


I’m convinced that many people wander through work driven primarily by their intuitions. I bet they'd appreciate being guided into the habit of working, not just intuitively, but intuitively and intentionally; intuitively by design of intentional acts.


The intuition comes in when you make your way along just feeling your way through being a good person. You mosey about saying what good people say and doing what good people do. You are being a normal ol’ good person.


The intention kicks in when you bolster those good-person tendencies with a good old fashioned plan, complete with clear steps to accomplish. You give a lot more value as a good person doing good work by taking actions according to a well-thought plan. With intention, you build your envisioned results brick-by-brick (or rather, goal by goal by goal by goal).


Goals are creative challenges you have chosen to tackle. With goals, write them down. Then write down how you'll get them. It’s a non-negotiable, simple matter. Among the early challenges that stop vision-building soon after breaking ground is the failure to put the pen to pad. 


You feel it within. You know that carrying out your mission will demand of you considerable amounts of work. You will get the work done with some simple math: Intuition + Intention.


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