Spend time and energy wisely

October 30, 2017


Consider your energy and your time each as a limited resource, much the way you do your money. Where are these resources spent? What are you doing (or buying) with your time? What do you have to show for the expenditure of your energy? If you find that you have nothing, or not enough to show for how you spend your time and energy, consider this: you may not be spending wisely.


Ideally, we spend our money in ways that see good returns. The memories created by planning and taking a vacation to see Mosi-oa-Tunya, among the largest and most stunning of all known waterfalls, will be well worth the financial expense to the navigator of our world and its most splendid wonders. He who seeks muscle and mass for his physical frame willingly takes on the added grocery costs of an enhanced diet. Despite the hefty costs these experiences bring, the men move forward absorbing the costs since, in mind, it is worth each dollar. Again, this is ideal.


Consumer culture bombards us with the urge to buy buy buy. Commercials and advertisements are an institution all their own and they work dangerously well. One of the results of their effectiveness is that people are often convinced to spend wistfully on items and experiences that do not align with who they are working to become.


Do not make the same mistake with your energy. Spend your energy on experiences and work that will build you up and take you forward so that you can enjoy the return on those invested efforts.


What are you consuming with you energy? Are you making anything with your time? Take a self-assessment and make an inspection of where your energy goes. Determine, of the activities that consume your energy, which are of value in relation to what you intend to achieve in these gifted days. Also decide which activities undermine that intention. 


Look at where your time and energy are going and identify where immediate, positive changes can be made in your stream of habits. Gain clarity about your energy expenditure and whether you are investing enough of it in efforts that are of value to who you intend to be. 


Make a move by enacting one change in how you spend your energy. Make it habitual to produce something that you can show for your efforts toward achieving your best.


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