Children admire older people as role models

October 23, 2017


Children admire older people as role models. Objects of a child's enthusiasm include assortments of people to whom the young one relates. If a child says to you, "I want to be like you," do not be surprised. Do be careful.

Move to be great with such vigor that it reflects in your demeanor. Our young admirers are growing up and shaping their personalities. Be careful with the example you make of yourself.


Children are wise and honest to greater degrees than we understand. "I want to be like you," and any variation of the message, is a compliment more often than it is not. Consider the compliment however, and move forward with caution. Mitigate negative behaviors.


Reject compliments for behaviors that contradict impeccable standards. If a compliment acknowledges your rightness, then be gracious in your acceptance and well-disciplined by your example.

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