Be in charge of your achievement

October 16, 2017


When a basketball player feels a hot hand on the court, he acts accordingly; like the right shot is the easy money. Then, shots open up for other players on the team. When the nagging pressure of responsibilities takes hostage a man's thoughts and energy, his thoughts and energy become of little use to him. Whatever he accomplishes, he accomplishes miserably. Feelings often drive experiences. This idea works both for and against us. Charitable feelings bring about goodness. Vengeful feelings bring about chaos and distrust.


Believe you can make good things fall into place and good fortune is primed for you. Rather than rest on a hope that fortune flies your way, plot a map, walk the trail, and start feeling confident that relationships, academics, and careers improve. Let your assurance help resolve your challenges.


A couple of thoughts:

  • To feel like the head man in charge of your achievements, you must claim responsibility for your limits. Awesomely enough, once you start to feel like the head man in charge of your achievement, you will find yourself in situations in which you gain experiences fit for a person of such feelings. This is proof that you are stepping into a new league. That’s good news. 

  • Favor and confidence come by way of assurance and revisions of world view, but not overnight. To get your mind from where it is to where you want to take it requires considerable thought and forward movement. Luckily, the process is simple and requires nothing drastic. Analogously, you put one foot in front of the other until reaching the appropriate destination.

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