Clarity brings moving parts into sync

September 18, 2017

People look to leaders for clarity. Addressing her people, a manager ahead of an execution team comes to many an inference from the subtle shifts on faces. All the same, she lays out a project vision adhering to staples like "begin with the end in mind" for one. She paints a picture that interprets how our project, when at its very best, will look and function.


She is well-attuned to a pack's inner workings. In her place as leader she is clear and she feeds to her people exemplary models of project contemporaries. They model versions of what's to come. She understands that often, the inquisitive nature of good followers (people receptive to good leadership) means that questions will be thrown into the air. The questioners want to know -- How does it all come together?


Sometimes, the shoe on the other foot needs tying and it is the remarkable, vision-casting leader in want of clarity for self. As mentioned, she laid out a vision and plan that serves those she leads well. Assuredly, she's used her strokes and also painted a vision for herself, as have I and probably you, too.


She can sense that the experiences, works, and ideas of her days will converge at some eventual nowpoint. At that nowpoint, the personal project that challenges her to create the ideas she cooks up has all its working parts moving together as they should.


In a similarly situated scenario, one who remains unclear as to how it will all come together falls into a trap. In his state of entrapment focus bounces in violent shifts and so the dance of his working parts can't get right. He can't get them moving in sync.


It can all come together and he can steady his focus while it does, but this calls for a bit of exercise. He's got to work it out, baby.


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