What a real education means

August 21, 2017

Your job as "teacher" -- oh, seeker -- is to provider a real education; both to the students among you, and to thine own self continually.


When a real education is in tact, one and his multitudes are inspired to live, learn, find, and make.


Now, you should inquire, "How might one become inspired?" What takes place, what leads up to a person being filled with the urge to do something? Or feel somebody?


In addition to: what is on the runway to a person being filled with the ability to do something or feel somebody?


Thus, the plot of your job as "teacher" -- oh, seeker -- thickens.


Let it be told by Carter G. Woodson, "Real education means to inspire people to live more abundantly, to learn to begin with life as they find it and make it better."


Therein sits that the one who is being really educated is filled with many urges and a number of abilities. Let us lay this bare and at length; when you provide a real education, both you and the students among you are filled with the following:

  • the urge to live

    • the ability to live

  • the urge to live abundantly

    • the ability to live abundantly

  • the urge to learn

    • the ability to learn

  • the urge to start with life as you find it and make it better

    • the ability to start with life as you find it and make it better.

And so the seekers -- so titled "teachers" -- have a path before them lain. Upon recognizing this path, those among you who teach and build for the people will survey their current lots.


Look around, figure out where you are, and take note of what you are creating with the education you provide.


This place is point A. Start here. Now, imagine again the experience you are creating with the education you provide, but this time made better. What changes?


That made-better place is point A+. Get there.


For those who toil to edify, our travel time from point A to point A+ is where our most useful learning happens. Yes, we start at point A, and while there may be moments we lose our tracking, we've plenty opportunity to correct our paths, getting back upon our chosen roads.


If we are insistent and persistent to take for ourselves, as we travel, a real education, then we have done a good thing for the people and legacies that we honor with our work.

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