Diligent students can become esteemed companions

August 7, 2017

A man receives the knowledge of a grand tradition. In telling his own story, Michael Muhammad Knight relays how he becomes the student of a teacher named Azreal. Knight indicates a deep respect and sense of responsibility to honor the information he receives from his teacher. Indeed, the gracious student is so reverent of his exchanges with Azreal because of a connection he makes between his teacher and the tradition. Knight relates Azreal to the Ṣaḥābahs -- "the esteemed companions" who preserved the legacy of a prophet by relating his sayings and actions to their heirs. I propose that whether you are the teacher or the student in some dynamic where wisdom is passed along, applying a resolve akin to that illustrated by Knight in the early pages of Why I Am a Five Percenter is a winning move.


Knight is particularly honorable in the way he acknowledges Azreal; Azreal is the teacher, Knight himself is the student. Inherent here is the sense that the teacher is casting a vision, and through work, knowledge, and values is contributing to an improved state of affairs. The diligent student is enriched by the teacher, the teacher is enriched by those who inherit the game with respect. 


In traditional student/teacher classroom settings, "respectful receivers" come with the territory and they tend to glean greater riches from academics than their polar peers. At other places and ages where teaching and learning take place, the leader of the charge will likely have to be more deliberate in identifying such exceptional individuals.


Manager, Coach, Captain, Chief: somewhere along your regularly schedule pathways, if time has been sufficient and you've proved yourself worthy, there are boys, men, women, and girls who, should you offer to teach them what you know, will leap at the opportunity to receive it. Perhaps the blueprint to a grand vision or best practices for essential procedures, by laying out and making plain your teachings I dare say one among your audience may just work toward the title "esteemed companion" earning the benefits that come therein. 


How might you go about identifying someone within your line of influence who will inherit the game -- the experiences, information, and principles on which you stand -- with due respect?

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