That was me then. This is me now.

August 28, 2017

Then, I was with quiet determination to set a higher bar;

now, I am here. We have not reached our goal.


I used to enjoy counterintuitive classroom narratives;

now, I push further.


From believing that a voice and an ability to influence are annual awards reserved for the nation's best;

now, celebrating the process and opportunity to engineer a moral code, I mind myself that action transfers ownership.


No one wants to be the weak link;

I remind myself that action transfers ownership.


Track progress;

things get done.


I felt that basic is not good enough;

now, I outperform my fears.


I hoped to be deliberate in making connections;

now, I take a very firm stance. We write. We love.


I hoped to be what we all wish we could be -- authentic;

now, I am up to being criticized by the people.


I am meticulously orchestrating a type of knowledge not produced or accessed in a void.


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