The Greatest Books You'll Never Read

August 3, 2015

The Greatest Books You'll Never Read: Unpublished Masterpieces by the World's Greatest Writers

by Bernard Richards

Why was Thomas Hardy's first novel never published? What happened to the manuscript of the long promised 'magnum opus' that Truman Capote never delivered? Why did Heinrich Böll abandon Paradise Lost? These and other mysteries are uncovered in this guide to some of literature's lost and unfinished works.


From a creative crisis to a dissatisfied editor, and from a bizarre twist of fate to an untimely death, behind each unpublished book lies a story. Ernest Hemingway saw three years of work, including a novel and several short stories, vanish when his wife's suitcase was stolen in the Gare de Lyon in Paris. Evelyn Waugh, on the other hand, burned the manuscript of his first novel and attempted to drown himself after a friend gave it a bad review.


Covering a range of international authors, both living and dead, The Greatest Books You'll Never Read unearths an alternative literary history. Each book is examined in an in-depth essay, with selected entries featuring manuscript extracts. Specially commissioned covers illustrate each entry. 


- adapted and revised from publisher


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