Rituals of Blood

January 5, 1999

Rituals of Blood: Consequences of Slavery in Two American Centuries

by Orlando Patterson

​​In the first essay, Patterson analyzes survey data to delineate the different attitudes, behaviors, and circumstances of men and women, dissecting both the external and internal causes for the disparities he finds.


In the second essay, Patterson focuses on the lynching of boys and men during the decades after Reconstruction, particularly on the number of cases that constituted ritual human sacrifice. Patterson reveals how interplay between Christian sacrificial symbolism and postbellum Southern culture resulted in historic American events.


The third essay brings us into the late twentieth century with an investigation of the various images of men portrayed in media. From the demigod (Michael Jordan), to the demon (Colin Ferguson), to the demigod-turned-demon (O.J. Simpson), and the crossers of boundaries (Michael Jackson and Dennis Rodman) -- all contribute to advances on Patterson's model of ethnic relations.


- adapted and revised from publisher


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