About this site

I aspire to be a man of enduring loyalty and supreme integrity. I want to be an honorable man and thinketh that honor is won by work; by bringing sweat upon the brow to be good-natured and of the highest ideals.

Teachers like you and me, these days, we don't get much respect. I get it though, and I'm not mad. The truth is that teachers like you and me (outwardly, it seems almost surreptitious the way we stay pulling up) are occupying academic spaces where we are unexpected, and to many daddies and mommies, unwanted.


For our kinfolk, however, you and I are welcome fixtures in the arena of academic teaching and learning. I have so many past students who remember me fondly that, it would bring shame to my ancestors if I shirked my duty to be the very best teacher that I can be.

I believe that the best teachers, both those within and without classrooms, build relationships, provide opportunities, and influence the choices made by learners.

I believe this, too: culture is dependent upon us owning a shared responsibility to teach to the needs of a variety of peoples in a variety of environments.

These two beliefs are driving forces behind my becoming the best teacher I can foresee.

So, welcome. On this site, I make notes and reasonings on teaching principles. I share books and lessons, too. The aim is to offer practical, what-to-do-tomorrow strategies for more thoughtful teaching.

This is a place for teaching to the souls of folk.

Hi. I'm Keegan, a journeyman teacher on a mission to remedy the miseducation of America-raised people within the Afro diaspora

My experience has taught me that teaching extends well beyond vocation; the majority of teachers don't operate in classrooms. So, whenever, wherever, whatever you're trying to teach, I aim to ensure you teach more effectively


I grew up on the East Side of Orange County and graduated from the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University with a degree in English. Among the many important lessons I learned as a Rattler roaming FAMU's hilly historic campus was this: there is honor in working for the interests of your own people.

What others say about me...

...a learning experience

"Passion, charisma, humility and hard work – not qualities you often find all together in one individual, but you do with Keegan... Watching Keegan in action was always an amazing learning experience for me and he will be a strong asset to any organization.”

- S.Q. | Education Development Executive at Apple

...creative approach

“It has been my privilege to work alongside Keegan Lewis... I was continually inspired by his creative approach to teaching... Keegan is diligent and his integrity for his craft is unmatched.”

- S.H. | 5th and 6th Grade Classroom Teacher

...a team builder

“Keegan Lewis is a team builder – period! It has been an honor to work with such a dynamic professional... He motivates, communicates, leads by example, and cares. His preparation and passion are second to none! He made our organization better, and I know he will do the same for yours!

- B.D. | Prep School Dean of Students

Let's Build

What are you doing to teach your people well? I want to hear your story. Send me a message with three things you do to teach what you know.

After I read your message, I'll reach back and, together, we'll discover at least one way to take your teaching further.