Pay me to mind your business. 

You don't even see how great you can be. But I'm going to show you. Because it's now. You're here. And it's important to know.


If you've been in the education game for a minute, you know what's up; we work. Our people get it in.


And what happens?


The workload gets hefty.  Professional pressures like the Bronze Bomber

Our creative energies and brightest insights get get consumed well-- they get all their love in the back seat.We get so caught up

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My name is Keegan A.M. Lewis. I’m a language arts teacher who helps your education business with consistent, quality writing for your blogs and other write spaces. language arts teacher that shows yoattaches your education business to the words that connects  the education sector to writing that proves  the right  paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. This is the place for you to tell your site visitors a little bit about you and your services.

About this site

Knowledge and the spreading of knowledge

EdCopy is a house dedicated to knowledge and the spreading of knowledge. You see, teachers, all of us need to be reeducated. EdCopy finds purpose in that reeducation-- in revealing words that inspire new thought; words that inspire new mind; words that inspire a more civilized way.

The Wisdom of the Word

EdCopy is a house that honors the wisdom and importance of the word.


In the beginning-- the very beginning-- there was the word. The word, at the start of it all, was already living. With such an origin, the word is wise.

The word, with its wisdom will unify us. Meaning, it will bring us together. The word will bring purpose to our agendas, plans, and programs. Bring  us tounder one agenda, one program, and one p of immovable foundation

Move, words.

I aspire to be a man of enduring loyalty and supreme integrity. I want to be an honorable man and thinketh that honor is won by work; by bringing sweat upon the brow to be good-natured and of the highest ideals.

Teachers like you and me, these days, we don't get much respect. I get it though, and I'm not mad. The truth is that teachers like you and me (outwardly, it seems almost surreptitious the way we stay pulling up) are occupying academic spaces where we are unexpected, and to many daddies and mommies, unwanted.


For our kinfolk, however, you and I are welcome fixtures in the arena of academic teaching and learning. I have so many past students who remember me fondly that, it would bring shame to my ancestors if I shirked my duty to be the very best teacher that I can be.

I believe that the best teachers, both those within and without classrooms, build relationships, provide opportunities, and influence the choices made by learners.

I believe this, too: culture is dependent upon us owning a shared responsibility to teach to the needs of a variety of peoples in a variety of environments.

These two beliefs are driving forces behind my becoming the best teacher I can foresee.

So, welcome. On this site, I make notes and reasonings on teaching principles. I share books and lessons, too. The aim is to offer practical, what-to-do-tomorrow strategies for more thoughtful teaching.

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Managed Content Writing


Easily Produce a Steady Flow of Content Assets.

Hi. I'm Keegan.

Generating the consistent, well-written content it takes to gain traffic, attention, credibility, and sales can be a real pain in the mind. The ideation, the research, and the drafting just wouldn't be complete without the headaches. If you've been part of a content team or tried to tackle content marketing on your own, you know how mind-wrenching and time-consuming the process can be.

Leaders within education companies and school systems stand at troubled waters. You know that good on-site content, delivered consistently over the long haul has the potential to support your revenue generating activities in ways too valuable to pass up. But you don't have time to manage it yourself.


You consider the idea of delegating content creating responsibilities to key team members on staff. It's an appealing option. But they aren't writers. Their expertise exists elsewhere. And with the duties and workloads already on their plates, you find that your team lacks the bandwidth to give the time, attention, and quality your content deserves.

What about creating an in-house communications and marketing department? Nevermind that. interviewing, hiring, training, managing, and paying strategists, writers, and editors is not only difficult to establish and scale; it's too expensive and too time-consuming.

It's clear that getting high quality content week after week that supports your business goals done in house is just not feasible. To make this problem go away requires outside help.


EdCopy can make your content writing burdens disappear. When you are having a hard time doing enough content writing and creating content consistently, make it easy on yourself. Let EdCopy managed content writing service options do the work for you.


There is no need to shop around for freelance or agency quotes and bids. EdCopy features straight-priced, easy-to-order production options that are convenient and effective.

EdCopy has fully managed content writing service options that eliminate the time, effort, and costs associated with hiring new employees. You work with a dedicated account manager who does all of the writer and editor management for you.


You can pass on the interviewing, hiring, training, managing and paying employee writers. Plug EdCopy's existing and already efficient content writing engine into your business. EdCopy saves you money, too, since you pay by the product and not by salaries or hourly rates.

Tap in with EdCopy so you can focus on other parts of the business while also having the security of knowing that SEO content to fuel their campaigns is taken care of.

Let's Build

What are you doing to teach your people well? I want to hear your story. Send me a message with three things you do to teach what you know.

After I read your message, I'll reach back and, together, we'll discover at least one way to take your teaching further.

Thanks for submitting!

What others say about me...

...a learning experience

"Passion, charisma, humility and hard work – not qualities you often find all together in one individual, but you do with Keegan... Watching Keegan in action was always an amazing learning experience for me and he will be a strong asset to any organization.”

- S.Q. | Education Development Executive at Apple

...creative approach

“It has been my privilege to work alongside Keegan Lewis... I was continually inspired by his creative approach to teaching... Keegan is diligent and his integrity for his craft is unmatched.”

- S.H. | 5th and 6th Grade Classroom Teacher

...a team builder

“Keegan Lewis is a team builder – period! It has been an honor to work with such a dynamic professional... He motivates, communicates, leads by example, and cares. His preparation and passion are second to none! He made our organization better, and I know he will do the same for yours!

- B.D. | Prep School Dean of Students

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