Practical, Insightful, What-to-do-Tomorrow Strategies for Real Life Teaching Challenges

Teaching extends beyond vocation.

When it comes to taking care of and uplifting your people, the gift of game is among the greatest contributions you can make. Thus, every man who desires a better existence for his skinfolk is bound by duty to teach.

As our proverbs tell us, each one must teach one. Our cultures [the cultureare dependent upon us owning a shared responsibility -- a shared responsibility to teach the needs of a variety of people in a variety of environments.

Like the best teachers, both those within and those without classrooms, you can learn to use sound principles to build relationships, provide opportunities, and influence the choices made by your brethren.


Whether you teach from a board room, a barber's chair, a streetlight, or a schoolhouse, I am here to share the fundamentals that ready you to make your people better.

As a founding member of the A.M. Sport Club, an open-enrollment collective of our own, I work with you to become rooted and equipped with the tools to answer the culture's call to learn and teach. 

Right now, accept my invitation to enroll and claim your spot in the A.M. Sport Club. When you join, you instantly make the roster of teaching strategy e-mail recipients.

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